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Operations abroad


Ashtrom Properties’ operations in Germany began over a decade ago, when the company identified a market emerging from a recession and on the verge of growth.

The company formulated a strategy that led to a focus on office buildings and a portfolio of assets that would be purchased in major cities.

Today Ashtrom Properties owns and manages about 125,000 square meters of office space in such cities as Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, Leipzig, Dortmund and Hesse. The companies that lease office space in Ashtrom Properties’ buildings include Deutsche Telekom, HSBC, the electric corporation and the office of the Ministry of the Environment for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Ashtrom Properties has extensive experience in the German market and enjoys a good reputation, thanks to the improvements the company has made to its buildings over the years. The company’s financial robustness and familiarity with the local market make Ashtrom Properties a natural candidate as a potential buyer for any deal in the market.

Among the major transactions that Ashtrom Properties completed in 2018 are the purchase of three office buildings in Dusseldorf, Boblingen and Mannheim, at a total cost of NIS 335 million.

The company’s operations in Germany are handled by Ashtrom Properties Europe, whose main offices are in Berlin, with a branch office in Dusseldorf that oversees most of the properties in the portfolio.

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